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Visit the charming Port of Oia!

High on History
Ammoudi bay is a well known site on the island and is often cited as an excellent location for viewing the sunset. The bay is also known for the 200 steps leading from the base of the feature to the town of Oia on the cliffs above. Due to the locale’s importance to local tourism, the base of the bay’s cliffs is dotted with buildings belonging to the village of Ormos Armeni, and many sailing tours use Amoudi as their staging point. Its buildings, which were once mainly warehouses, as from there the boats loaded the various products, give a special touch to the picturesque settlement. Some of these buildings were restored as part of the reconstruction, after the earthquake of 1956, while the asphalt road that connects Oia with Ammoudi was opened in 1991.

Top things to Do

Ammoudi Bay

The small pebble beach in Ammoudi is accessible as the visitor descends more than 200 wide steps. The waters are dazzling blue, but keep in mind that they deepen sharply, which for some is exciting but for others deterrent. The background is imposing, however, with the steep volcanic rocks “covering” the port.

Food & Drinks
The local restaurants and taverns offer a wide range of typical dishes, so don’t miss the chance to try them. Greek cuisine is based on the healty Mediterranean one, but more enriched.
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1.545 (2011)
Antonis Sigalas
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