Traditional VillagesExo Gonia -

Α rural village in the centre of Santorini!

High on History
Exo Gonia is one of the few villages of Santorini, tourism has left untouched and has maintained the traditional lifestyle. The village suffered greatly during the 1956 earthquake and many of its residents abandoned it to settle in the village of Kamari. However the village has made a comeback of late and is worth visiting for its traditional architecture.

Top things to Do

Mesa Gonia
Mesa Gonia is a rural village in the centre of Santorini famous for its wine-making tradition. Is surrounded by vast vineyards and Byzantine churches.
Agios Charalambos
Saint (Agios) Charalambos is the parish church of Exo Gonia and one of the three largest churches in Santorini. Located in the Lakines area, it was built in 1952. The earliest church of the saint featured a double bell tower, one on each side of the church.
Panagia Episkopi
Panagia Episkopi was built in the late 11th Century by Emperor Alexios A’ Kominos. The church is an important Byzantine monument. It houses the icon of Panagia Glikofilousa, one of the third most priceless portable icons in the world.
Food & Drinks
The local restaurants and taverns offer a wide range of typical dishes, so don’t miss the chance to try them. Greek cuisine is based on the healty Mediterranean one, but more enriched.
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331 (2011)
Antonios Sigalas
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