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High on History
Cape of Exomitis is located at the south end of Santorini. The beach is located near Exomitis village, after Agios Georgios beach and unlike the other beaches of the southeast coast, Perissa, Perivolos and Agios Georgios. Exomitis beach is very quiet and not organized. It is ideal for those looking for an isolated beach at this part of the island. On the rocks, to the right of the road from Perissa to Exomytis, there are ancient carved tombs. On one of the rocks, above burial monuments, is carved a huge viper, the Ochendra or Echendra.

Top things to Do

This beach pass through famous and busy beaches as Perivolos and Agios Georgios but Exomitis is a very quiet and relaxing place with plenty of space and ideal to find some privacy. Note that this beach is not much organized. It is not the most beautiful beach of Santorini, but it will offer you some relaxiation away from the crowds.
Food & Drinks
The local restaurants and taverns offer a wide range of typical dishes, so don’t miss the chance to try them. Greek cuisine is based on the healty Mediterranean one, but more enriched.
3,5 km
151 (2011)
Antonios Sigalas
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