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Oia, thanks to its port, was involved with seafaring and this resulted in an amazing development as far as this specific field is concerned. This rise started in late eighteenth century and lasted until the mid-twentieth century, reaching its peak in 1880s. According to the historical sources, the Greek fleet consisted of 2,500 sailing vessels. A large number of them, 170, belonged to Santorini, while seventy of these Santorinian vessels were large overseas sailing brigs. The maritime daily life of Oia village is obvious even thanks to the architectural style of it. The “hyposkafa”, cave houses, were nestled in the rocks of the cliffs and one could see only their arched entrance. In this way, their habitants, who were sailors, managed to hide themselves from pirates. Some meters higher, on the top of the rim, the captains and the ship owners had built their mansions which were bigger and more comfortable than the cave houses.

Top things to Do

Ammoudi Bay
Visitors were dazzled by the beauty of Amoudi Bay and said merely dining alfresco was all they needed to soak up the site. Most strongly suggested to plan a trip in the late afternoon, as a sunset from Amoudi is a site to behold. 
Sunset in Oia
The most popular spot to watch the sunset is by Oia Castle. The crowds here are insane. But what you get is a stunning view of the windmills and the whitewashed buildings perched on the edge of the caldera. If you want a good spot, plan to get here early.
Domaine Sigalas
On the ancient plain of Oia, in the island of Santorini, the winery of DOMAINE SIGALAS can be found. Here, the most vibrant variety of the Mediterranean zone, the Santorini Assyrtiko as well as the Aidani, Athiri, Mandilaria and the Mavrotragano are put to the best use possible, and with the proper respect to their organoleptic characteristics, the quality wines are produced which receive acclaim in international competitions, both in Greece and abroad.
The Castle of Saint Nicholas
Enjoy one of the best panoramic views of Santorini from The Castle of St Nicholas, the remains of a 15th-century castle between Oia and Ormos Ammoudia. The view from the citadel boasts some of the most photographed images in all of Greece with picturesque whitewashed buildings, a windmill,and the azure sea beneath spectacular cliffs. If you want to see the sunset, come early to get a good seat.
Food & Drinks
The local restaurants and taverns offer a wide range of typical dishes, so don’t miss the chance to try them. Greek cuisine is based on the healty Mediterranean one, but more enriched.
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