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The '' Moon Beach'' !

High on History
Vlychada Beach, sometimes known as the “moon beach” or the “moon-shaped beach,” is known for its lunar landscape and scenery. It rests below tall, pale cliffs that seem to shoot up from the black sand almost seamlessly. In reality, these cliffs were formed by the volcano, and like most things, the devastation of the eruptions led to a beautiful landscape now.

This is one of the most accessible beaches in Santorini, and it’s perfect for sunbathing. It’s located  on the south coast of Santorini, 13 kilometers from the capital Fira.

Top things to Do

Relax by the beach
Relax on Vlychada Beach, a thin strip of pebbly black sand caught between sandstone cliffs and the blue waters of the Aegean. Swim in the warm waves, or take a stroll along the black beach with the pockmarked cliffs looming over you.
At the southern end, close to the restaurants, beach bars, and cafes of town, you can rent a sun lounger and umbrella. For a less-crowded experience, head toward the northern end, where the number of beach-goers thins out.
Be aware that nudists tend to prefer the quieter, northern end.
Small yachts and boats anchor in the marina there and you can enjoy a meal including fresh fish in the local, traditional taverns.
Vlychada beach is also famous for the water sports experiences and you can spend many relaxing hours  and cherish the spectacular sight all around.
Like the Red Beach which is known as the 4th most colourful beach in the world, Vlychada Beach sometimes known as the “moon beach” or the “moon-shaped beach,” is known for its lunar shape and scenery.
Horseriding on the beach
You can enjoy a private Santorini horse riding tour for you and your loved one(s) and share memorable moments. The deep blue waters and the black sands make it ideal for this type of activity.
The most famous part for these kind of experiences is the Eros Beach. It lies on the coastal area of Vlychada and is actually a continuation of the long Vlychada Beach.
This small, pebbly beach has rather deep waters but they are very clear. There are some straw umbrellas, sun loungers and a couple of comfy beds where you can enjoy your day, but there is also a free space.
Its second characteristic, other than the imposing cliffs, is an exotic beach bar-restaurant that completes the impressive image.
Tomato Museum
The historical tomato factory of D.Nomikos in Vlychada has been transformed into a modern Industrial Tomato Museum, offering its visitors a journey back to the industrial past of Santorini, by guiding them through the cultivation, processing and production of tomato.
Given that tomato is one of the most famous and traditional products of Santorini, makes this experience a unique one. In the Tomato industrial museum the visitor experiences all the traditional methods followed by the tomato producers of Santorini and at the same time, becomes acquainted with the museum exhibits.
Food & Drinks
The local restaurants and taverns offer a wide range of typical dishes, so don’t miss the chance to try them. Traditional Greek cuisine has countless main course vegetarian dishes, based on seasonal Greek ingredients, beans and legumes, wild greens, pasta and rice, and more.
Visit the taverns ” Cave of Nicholas’‘ , ” Dimitris”, ” To Psaraki’‘,  for traditional Santorini flavours next to the sea admirring the rock formations around you.
If you wish to enjoy your cocktail next to the beach we definetely recomend Theros Wave Bar. The beach bar of Theros receives a great number of people at summer nights as the moon reflects the sea and the soft waves reach the shore.
Theros organizes special nights with live bands and solo artists who entertain you with fine melodies and reggae rhythms.

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