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4 Δεκεμβρίου 20210
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Donkeys of Santorini Mule Path, Fira, Santorini island (Thira), Greece.
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The tradition

Donkeys have played a very important role in Greece’s past and especially in insular Greece, such as in Santorini. Santorini has numerous inaccessible paths, countless stairs, to which a donkey will happily take you for a charming and somewhat nostalgic ride. They have been a reliable partner for transporting goods , as well as, the main means of personal transportation around the island for centuries. Live this experience and opt for a donkey ride departing from old port up to Fira town or opposite. Donkeys and mules in Santorini are part of the native charm of the island. During the summer, the main business of the day is carrying the tourists up and down the endless steep steps which connect Fira town down to the small port of Ormos. Riding a donkey can be really an amusing experience that you will never forget. Hold on tight and enjoy that wonderful experience!!

Where can i pick up a donkey for my ride? There are 3 way to get up and down from Fira to the old port – walk 588 steps, ride the cable car or ride a donkey.

How much does it cost? The price for renting a mule is 5 € per person. You can ride a donkey up (or down) the caldera from the main port.

How long does it take? Each ride lasts about 25-35 minutes.

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