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Top 5 activities of Santorini
1. From the sea

There are countless sunset cruises from which you can enjoy the magnificent sunset Santorini is so famous for. Usually beginning in the afternoon, sunset cruises may include a few stops along the coast and end with a vantage point view by the volcanic islets. Several cruise options feature on-board dining (and even champagne!) and promise to be unforgettable–without the crowds.

2. From Ammoudi Bay

A tiny picturesque port at the foot of Oia, Ammoudi is connected to Oia via narrow steps. Enclosed by impressive red cliffs, it is definitely one of the most picture-perfect spots in Santorini. While you may have to book a table at one of the few fish taverns at the harbor, this little forgotten spot ensures you will see the whole sunset from a great viewpoint.

A picturesque village on the caldera, Imerovigli is often forgotten as a view point for the sunset. Here, the sun gracefully sinks behind the small island of Thirassia. If you don’t find a spot in a cozy café or on your hotel’s terrace, head to the Skaros, a Venetian castle conveniently located for splendid views high above any obstructions. Less famous than the other places, it is definitely a must-see.

If you are into wines, you are in luck. Santorini is known for its distinct varietal, and even if you have no clue about wine, you can still enjoy the sunset while sipping on some local wines, paired with a plate of delicious cheese at Santo Wines Winery. It has a fantastic terrace from which you can admire the show without getting thirsty. You may want to book a table if you are visiting the island during peak season, but it is definitely worth the trouble.

Tired of seeing the same sunset views from Oia? Head to the other side of the island straight to the Akrotiri lighthouse, where you will relish in the remoteness and unblocked vistas of the sunset. You may even catch a shot of a boat sailing into the disappearing sun.

Finally, if you really do not mind having 300 people around you holding their smartphone and clapping at the sight of the sun disappearing behind the horizon, Oia is definitely the top sunset spot. But we warned you, it gets very crowded. People go to great lengths to capture the moment, and sometimes come early to secure a spot in the street or on a wall. Whether you opt for settling by the Old Castle or the windmill, you are sure to witness a colorful moment.


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