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13 Απριλίου 20220

For many it is the most beautiful and imposing island of the Cyclades. Universal truth that the sunset of Santorini is a life experience.

A common secret is that, in relation to its neighboring islands, Santorini is not famous for its beaches, however, hundreds of people flock in the summer, from every corner of the earth to enjoy this unique island. The solution in the above equation is the exploration of Thera at Easter, when the all-night climate perfectly matches the volcanic environment, but also the customs of the inhabitants of the island. On this article you will find out the Top 5 reasons to visit Santorini at Easter Time. ”

On Good Friday night in the medieval village of Pyrgos, located at the highest point of the island, one of the most atmospheric customs of our country takes place. On each terrace and ledge of the amphitheatrically built village, as well as on the roofs and walls, are set up dozens of tins with lanterns, hundreds, maybe thousands in total, next to each other. When the time comes, together with the procession of the Epitaph, the older children of the settlement, running, light them with flames, creating a magical and imposing setting.

Standing at the foot of the village is like watching a huge flame, divided into tiny tongues, while if you choose to walk in the narrow alleys that lead to the church of the Virgin in the Venetian Castle, you will feel like the protagonist of the medieval film, as the flames, some stronger and others weaker, will create a beautiful warmth that will illuminate your face.

This custom is relatively modern, dating back about 50 years. Note that Pyrgos or Pyrgos Kallistis is located 10 km southeast of Fira.On the Saturday of Lazarus in the central square in Megalochori, but also in other villages of the island, the famous “Lazaros” is set up. It is a very tall cross, 15-20 meters long, wrapped in rosemary – or alisari as it is called in the local dialect -, but also flowers. The whole village gathers for the decoration in the afternoon in the square, while in many houses the inhabitants set up their own “Lazaro”.

The crucifixion takes place on Holy Saturday, while the cross remains in the same place until the Ascension. But regardless of the custom of Lazarus, Megalochori is one of the villages you must visit to get a different taste of the island, perhaps more authentic. It is a picturesque and beautiful landscape, without being affected by tourism, it is no coincidence that Megalochori according to many is a sample of “it should be Santorini”.

The pre-eminent traditional sweet of Santorini is the melitini, small sweet pies filled with mizithra (something like the Cretan skaltsounia), while the honorary ones are also the tsourekia and the drunken cookies. On the night of the Resurrection you will taste, if you wish, the sgardoumia – this is a traditional Kyladiki soup with stew and intestines that have been removed from the lamb of the next day. If you are wondering where to eat, there are many restaurants that open on the night of the Resurrection, with a menu that often reminds of a refined version of traditional flavors. You can explore some of them through Whatever your choice, make sure you book a table.

On Easter Sunday afternoon you can tour the villages (for example in Perissa, Vothonas or Finikia) and sunbathe in one of the traditional taverns that will have set skewers in their yard. Especially in Perissa, all the restaurants make skewers in their yard, so you will be able to enjoy the Easter table on the beach. After the Vespers of Love, the “Burning of Judas” is revived in most villages. In Perissa and elsewhere they make a dummy, like a big scarecrow, which supposedly represents Judas. So after they fill it with barrels and hang it at a high point, they start shooting it. But in general, when you hear explosions, keep in mind that they are often improvised explosive devices prepared by the so-called “balafoumades” – this is a tradition that lasts from the pirate years and continues to this day on many islands. But it is often dangerous, so especially if you have young children, be a little more careful.

For the Resurrection, and if you are a fan of fireworks, drive (and then walk!) To the highest point of Santorini, to Profitis Ilias, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the whole goddess of the island. After all, this is the only point from where you can have a real view of 360 degrees. It is 3 km from the Tower of Thera and hosts five monks. If you want an easier accessible option, choose the Diocese of Thera, which you can go on foot.

Santorini may not have the most enchanting beaches, but based on its location it is the southernmost island of the Cyclades. So if you want to have the opportunity to make your first dive of the season during the Easter holidays, then Santorini seems to be the ideal destination for you.


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