Atlantis is the most famous mythological city in the world. Hundreds of books, movies and theories are based on this myth.Everything started with Plato’s reference to a lost ideal city, a city with a great and advanced civilization. Plato one of the most famous philosophers in the world, used the story of Atlantis to instill into his students, by way of example, the highest ethical values that would create an ideal society. There is still great debate on what served as its inspiration. Many places in the world have claimed the origin of the city but Santorini and the huge explosion of its volcano in the past is the most possible explanation of the myth.


The Akrotiri Excavation Guided Tour will take you on a journey back to the island’s most significant time in history. Along with the licensed guide you will discover all aspects of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri where an important civilization thrived and was then destroyed by the massive eruption of 1612 B.C. Wonder around the alleys and the buildings that once housed the Pompeii of the Aegean Sea.


The Archaeological bus tour is one of the best tours to explore the excavations of Akrotiri village and ruins. Enjoy scenic views from the highest point of the island, the Mount Prophet Elias. You will visit the famous red beach, that in located near Akrotiri settlement and the black beach in Perivolos village. Last stop, one of the most popular wineries of Santorini where you will taste traditional wines.


Discover the charming villages of Santorini during this afternoon bus tour around the island. Visit ancient churches, stroll past local vineyards, see the ruins of the island’s medieval capital, and take in the views of nearby islands from various viewpoints. The final stop on the tour is the famous village of Oia, where you can watch a world-famous sunset and explore before concluding the tour.