An adventure through history and taste, a tour that epitomizes the essence of Santorini; the Santorini through History and Wine Tour is an ode to the island’s rich heritage. Discover one of the oldest and most significant archaeological finds of the Mediterranean, the buried city of Akrotiri that was buried in lava after the catastrophic eruption of the volcano that devastated Santorini roughly 3600 years ago. What follows is an exciting wine tasting tour, where, in three of the most important wineries of Santorini, you will have the opportunity to sample up to 12 exquisite local wines.


Explore the pure essence of Santorini Island, as it shows through its intriguing history and through acclaimed local products. In the Santorini through History & Wine with Cooking Class, you will not only discover one of the most important archaeological sites of the Aegean, but you will also explore the tastes that define this unique island through its distinct wines. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity for a genuine farm-to-table experience of Santorinian dishes in a fun cooking class at Aroma Avlis Restaurant.