Atlantis is the most famous mythological city in the world. Hundreds of books, movies and theories are based on this myth.Everything started with Plato’s reference to a lost ideal city, a city with a great and advanced civilization. Plato one of the most famous philosophers in the world, used the story of Atlantis to instill into his students, by way of example, the highest ethical values that would create an ideal society. There is still great debate on what served as its inspiration. Many places in the world have claimed the origin of the city but Santorini and the huge explosion of its volcano in the past is the most possible explanation of the myth.


Discover the ancient winemaking traditions of Santorini during this wine tasting tour. Learn about the “protected appellation origin” of the island, with vines dating as far back as 400 years, at the wine museum. Then, enjoy tastings of local wine varieties paired with snacks at two selected vineyards. This introductory tour is great to get a feel for the wines of Santorini.


This tour is a combination of land and sea tour. It will travel you to the past and help you live the myth of the lost Atlantis Island. You will discover new things in a funny way, not boring like the school. You will have the opportunity to see the distraction of the island and the creation of the landscape as it is today. Is the past only memories or a way to travel in the future? Is the prehistoric city old or innovative? Discover it by yourselves.


Joining this tour you will discover the unique beach of Santorini, the Red beach, which has similar color with lava, details about the wine heritage of the island tasting the most popular varieties. You will learn about the Minoan history of Santorini and the myth of Atlantis with the help of innovative technologies. The tour could't be full without a wine tasting, so you will visit a local winery for wine tasting. Then follows a visit at the highest spot of the island and the Monastery of Prophet Elias and enjoy the view of the whole island and take amazing pictures. As the evening approaches we will drive you at the port for an entire evening on board exploring the beauty of the Santorinian caldera, the volcanoes and discover hidden gems and picture-perfect landscapes. Start your exciting adventure with a stop at the volcanoes,hot-springs and Thirassia island for dinner in a traditional tavern next to the sea. The tour ends by watching the world’s most spectacular sunset on board. A truly pleasing combined excursion from beginning to end!


Santorini Classic Highlights Tour is an all-day pure Santorini experience that you can’t miss! Joining this tour you will discover an authentic Santorinian villages, amazing caldera landscapes and volcanic beaches, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy your lunch by the sea escorted by an English and Spanish speaking guide. The Santorini Classic Highlights Tour concludes with Santorini’s most treasured moments as we will take you to the village of Oia to enjoy the magnificent sunset! Embark on a tour that will take you only to the best of Santorini!