Spend an unforgettable evening around Santorini, exploring one of its most famous beach resorts and the evocative Emporio Village, combined with the local tastes of Santorini’s first distillery. The Distillery, Emporio Village & Black Beach Tour begins with a tasting of traditional, signature spirits of Santorini at Canava Santorini, where you will taste tsikoudia, ouzo and the local liqueur. Our adventure continues with an atmospheric stroll around the medieval Emporio Village, to end in the popular black sanded Perivolos Beach, with numerous entertainment options and a lovely promenade.


An intriguing journey into the viticulture tradition of Santorini, one that encapsulates the present and the past, traditional and contemporary! This exciting tour will take you through the enchanting landscapes of the Great Santorinian Vineyard to three of the most prominent wineries, each with its own unique style and its own part in Santorini’s wine making tradition! During your tour, you will be guided in the vineyards and the canavas of each estate, where expert sommeliers will teach you the secret art of wine and introduce you to up to 12 varieties of local wine, including the most famous Assyrtiko, Nychteri and Vinsanto.


Explore the pure essence of Santorini Island, as it shows through its intriguing history and through acclaimed local products. In the Santorini through History & Wine with Cooking Class, you will not only discover one of the most important archaeological sites of the Aegean, but you will also explore the tastes that define this unique island through its distinct wines. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity for a genuine farm-to-table experience of Santorinian dishes in a fun cooking class at Aroma Avlis Restaurant.